A Bed for Burn Wound Care: A Stainless Steel Grating-Top Table as a Moveable Sterilized Burn Wound Cleansing and Operating Table

Kriangsak Sirirak


A bed for burn wound care: a stainless steel grating-top table is used as a moveable sterilized table for burn wound cleansing or an operating table. Its top can be sterilized by autoclaving and after sterilization; burned patients can lie on this sterilized area for burn wound cleansing or surgical manipulation. The grating-top table can be moved room to room like a trolley by the wheel and its brake at each leg. In Prapokklao hospital, the grating-top table has been used for burn wound cleansing (using sterile solutions: warm saline, sterile water, and chlorhexidine scrub), and as an operating table when there is an indication for surgical manipulation. This study covered a total of 88 inpatients (during October 2009 - August 2012), and there were 213 times of wound cleansing (bathing and dressing) and 141 times of surgical manipulation (excision debridement and skin coverage operations). Follow with standard burn wound care principles: the grating-top table has been shown not only to be easy to use and comfortable for patients, but also results in less infection rate with good healing resulting in 86 success healing cases (97.73%) and 2 death cases (2.27%). The bed provides very cheap cost in burn wound care with appropriate outcomes.


Burn wound care, burn wound care device, burn wound cleansing, and burn wound dressing

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