Gait Characteristics of Young Thai Adults

Karnda Chaipackdee, Varee Khamdej, Chanut Akamanon, Sidhi Techakampuch


     The purpose of this study was to determine the temporal-distance (TD) gait variables of young Thai adults by using footprint analysis. Comparisons of these values between right and left sides, and between genders were reported. Footprints were obtained from 349 physiotherapy students (75 males, 274 females) while they walked naturally on a long sheet of paper. The following gait parameters were measure : step length, stride length, step width, step angle and cadence. The mean step lengths for the right and left sides were 62.51 and 62.26 cm. for the male group and 59.09 and 58.9 cm. for the female. The mean stride lengths for the right and left sides were 124.45 and 125.88 cm. for the male group and 118.01 and 118.04 cm. for the female. The following mean values were obtained in the right and left sides for step width, 6.17 and 6.33 cm in male, 5.99 and 6.13 cm. in females; for step angles, 8.4 and 7.77 degrees in male, and 6.28 and 4.95 degrees in female. The mean cadences of 110.02 and 108.83 steps per minute were obtained for the male and female groups respectively. No significant differences ere found for all mean values between right and left sides in both groups except that the female’s mean left step angle was significantly less than the right side. Sex differences were found for all TD-values except step width and cadence. These descriptive gait parameters can be used as the reference data base for comparison with abnormal gait parameters in patients.


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