Acute Abdominal Pain From Methyl Bromide Poisoning

V Attanatho, S Ratanamaneechat, K Limwong


     An unusual chief complaint of methyl bromide poisoning was reported. The patient, a single 32 years-old Thai female, working as a librarian for nine years was the victim. She kept on inhaling vapourized toxic gas from the books and documents previously fumigated for insecticidal purpose during the process of her daily work. She had experienced sniffing and felt weak since starting her career. Serious abnormal feeling occurred three days before admission. Nausea and abrupt abdominal pain around the right iliac fossa were manifested. Acute appendicitis was first diagnosed by a surgeon. The clue that lead to a correct diagnosis was about her occupation. The blood was sent to the toxicology center assessing for toxic materials. The result showed 32.2 mg./100 ml. of methyl bromide contained in the blood. She fortunately escaped from open laparotomy. After six days of hospitalization, she returned to work in a new position as recommended. A follow-up was carried out two months later. The methyl bromide blood level had fallen to 3.21 mg./100 ml. and her health had returned to normal. This was the first reported case of methyl bromide poisoning in Thailand.


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